Trust, Presence and Creativity

We have just completed our second optimizing creative output meeting. Once again I am excited to share some of what was discussed.

At the first meetup Hayden suggested we define the term presence. So at this meetup we continued on this line. Most people attending suggested it is linked to being emotionally and mentally aware. To know what we are feeling and how we are experiencing our lives from moment to moment.

We also agreed that describing presence is likely going to be an ongoing process. However this process will be improved and accelerated if we decide that being present is a priority for us. 

In a photograph presence is in my opinion more felt than seen. However the feeling is transparently powerful. When you look at a photo that is in presence you as the viewer feel totally comfortable. I believe that if a photographer can develop consistent presence that their photos will inspire those who view them.

Also when we operate from presence whilst we are passionate and dedicated we are also in the flow of life. As such our creative endeavors become enjoyable and have ease rather than restriction.

I mentioned a friend of mine who is a massage therapist who i believe operates from perfect presence. I said that when she touches you you feel her grace and composure and you let go of the need to protect or prove yourself. That you trust her and in trusting surrender your resistance and protection.

If a photographer or for that matter a mechanic or doctor or anyone can operate from presence the people they are in relationship with feel like they can trust. Once trust is in play relationship becomes truly creative and the creative process becomes one of unity. I believe that unity is infinitely more powerful than separation and mis trust.

Once we have a base of trust, relationship and creativity becomes optimized. However few aspects of life or people in history have operated from a base of consistent trust. So it is important that any individual who wishes to maximize their creative potential zeros in on their base of trust.

This is where something I posted on my Facebook page is very relevant. It reads as follows -"I thought not having self-compassion can make a person robotic, non-encouraging and even live in the head and appear narcissistic or know-it-all.. what I understand is if you forgive yourself, feel tolerant of your own shortcomings, inabilities and imperfections and accept these imperfections and still feel compassionate towards yourself.. then you feel empathic with other's problems, shortcomings, imperfections.." these words were sent to me by a friend and I believe they are touching on how to develop consistent trust.

That whilst few people or aspects of life are consistently sacred or trust worthy if we can locate and come to acceptance and understanding with the lack of trust we have inside that we can begin to develop outer trust.