Aesthetic Beauty

Last night I was having dinner with a girlfriend and as we left I noticed a strikingly beautiful young woman of about 18-20. Her face was truly captivating and I commented to my friend about how beautiful this girl's face was.

My friend is also very attractive but is in my eyes not as aesthetically attractive as the girl we saw on the street. Am I wrong to notice this and to write it on this site? Should my friend feel less of a person because of my observation?

I truly don't think so. Why should I not notice what I see as aesthetic beauty and share this perception with others? I would love to have photographed this person and displayed her in our gallery.

Some may argue that it is not right to celebrate someone's looks. Why not? I believe that beauty should be celebrated everywhere and in every form. I am certainly not good looking in a classic beauty sense. My soul mate and my female friend from the other night are most probably far more beautifully aesthetically than I am. However I have always appreciated beauty be it in a person's looks or their musical ability, their personality or in numerous other ways.

Why should it be correct to appreciate someone with a God Given talent for music or sport or acting and not appreciate someone for their aesthetic look? Could it be that they have not had to work for their gift? I am sure there are many top sportsmen and artists who haven't worked very hard for their skill but we still appreciate them.

Further some 'beautiful' people do work for their aesthetic beauty. Not in the way that most may think but by working to be at peace with themselves. I truly believe that we can all improve our physical appearance by facing our fears and alleviating stress. If we just stopped judging and competing we would all improve our physical appearances in my opinion. In fact if we just stopped and appreciated beauty in all it's forms we would all likely feel and look more beautiful.

We all have our own individual perfection in a variety of areas. I believe we should seek, notice and appreciate beauty in everyone and everything. In this way we will all start to exhibit the beauty within us all into the material. If we truly believe that beauty is abundant we will  likely create more material beauty. Our hearts and minds are very powerful. Let's celebrate all beauty and create abundance.

AestheticsTony RyanComment