The Beholder Theory

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder is a phrase that has been often heard. Do we really understand the essence of this phrase?

I believe the true gift to any individual is the ability to see beauty in someone or something. It is this ability that we truly own, not the object we are viewing.

Why is it that once we see beauty in another person that we can become dependant upon that person for our happiness? Shouldnt it be enough to know that what we have seen is real beauty?

Shouldn't we be happy that we have been given the gift to notice this beauty?

I believe that ones ability to see beauty is strongly connected to how connected we are to our own reality. If we are at peace with ourselves we are more likly to see beauty in our world. Once we see beauty we should rejoice in this feeling and not look for continual proof. If we truly believe in our ability then we will continue to see beauty everywhere and as such have no need to be dependant upon any object for our happiness.