Leap of Faith

The Leapoffaith website is my most passionate online creation. Its development is a culmination of my 20 years of experience and emotion in the photographic and creative industry that has so driven my life. Many of you visiting for the first time may have been directed here via one of my previous calendar websites. Please take the time to look through the site as I believe you will be inspired by what you find.

I have a great passion for presenting the aesthetics of the human form and this site will continue to showcase my passion in this area. I also have a great passion for honesty and freedom and this website explores these areas of life to a very deep level. Many of the models and creative people I have worked with have experienced some form of depression or anxiety disorder. My personal belief is that at the depth of these conditions is an amazing gift. To this end this website is geared towards exploring this gift and helping to spark a creative evolution of sorts.

It is my sincere passion that as many people as possible find inspiration through the pages of this website. We have provided an interactive facility with this site and encourage people to openly share their own beliefs and passions with us.


Melbourne Photographic Workshops


After 20 years photographing and publishing imagery of people I have decided to share my experience and passion in an ongoing workshop series. They are run in a very relaxed and non pressuring format and are open to people of all levels of experience


Tony Ryan

I have for as long as I can remember been deeply passionate about beautiful aesthetics. In 1989 this passion led me to starting up Down Under Creations, a business that is still running now. I commenced as a photographic director and in 1995 took over the photographic duties. I have always loved what I do and am always keen to get deeper and deeper into my passion.




For much of my photographic career I have been known for the calendars I produced. From 1992 through until 2008 my calendars were an enormously successful passion for me. In this time I photographed and published the AFL Men For All Seasons, Pumped Up Down Under, Bodyline Femme and Bodyline male calendars.

Studio Hire

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I believe that relationship is the most amazingly powerful gift in the universe. However to this stage humanity has not in my opinion embraced this gift with a humility and passion. Hence we have created a human nature that is more about struggle and competition than it is about joy and unity.

I believe that the best way to create fulfilment in human life is through transparency. I believe that human nature is more about protection and ignorance than it is about passionately searching for meaning to life. This extends from our parenting through schooling, government and religion. I would suggest that every aspect of life is tarnished by manipulation of truth at some level. Whilst individuals allow this conditioning to cloud their own transparency we are taking ourselves away from true love and fulfilment.

The philosophy pages of this website endeavour to explore as many aspects of human life as possible. In this exploration we are passionate about presenting life with as much transparency as is within our ability to do so. We encourage people to join us in sharing their views and inspiring others to embrace their own truth.

Best Wishes Tony Ryan.