Tony Ryan

I have for as long as I can remember been deeply passionate about beautiful aesthetics. In 1989 this passion led me to starting up Down Under Creations, a business that is still running now. I commenced as a photographic director and in 1995 took over the photographic duties. I have always loved what I do and am always keen to get deeper and deeper into my passion.

Over the years I have photographed and published images that have been marketed through posters, calendars, magazines, books, cards and also in television documentaries. I have endeavored in this time to present models to look both aesthetically beautiful and have placed equal importance on presenting images where the models project a deep humility.

These days I have a shared passion with photography and writing. I am very open to receiving photographic assignments and also in taking portfolios for those interested. My writing is based on exploring emotions and society beliefs on a broad range of topics.

The images on these pages are a selection of work that I have completed in my near on 20 years in the photographic industry.

Best Wishes Tony Ryan.