Trust, Presence and Creativity

We have just completed our second optimizing creative output meeting. Once again I am excited to share some of what was discussed.

At the first meetup Hayden suggested we define the term presence. So at this meetup we continued on this line. Most people attending suggested it is linked to being emotionally and mentally aware. To know what we are feeling and how we are experiencing our lives from moment to moment.

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Appearances and Mental Health

I think that we live in a society that puts far more energy and effort into appearances than truth. That most of us are insecure within ourselves but are not open to accepting this. As such we put up fronts to protect our inner state of being.

 However to my mind this is just manifesting a deeper and more dangerous level of insecurity. It is much about loving appearances rather than loving people and ourselves. The more we do this the more we are manifesting an intimidating and competitive world.

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Use but not Abuse

I am forever pondering human nature. I keep searching as I believe there is meaning to life and that any individual can attain fulfillment in life. A term I often think of is abundance. In my own life I have felt abundant many times but for the majority have felt lacking and in need. The more I search my own inner state of being the more I am coming to believe that there is such a thing as perfect balance.

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Tony RyanDUC Australia
Commodity Bodies

I am regularly running workshops helping photographers to photograph the female nude. In one workshop the theme for the day was about not being competitive in a cold way. The concept or philosophy being that we humans tend to compete against each other in a need to protect ourselves and also to have control. This is also very apt for women with bodies and faces like the model I photographed in this particular workshop.

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Young Nudes Not so Black and White

nb; The following piece was written a few years ago in follow up to another piece I had written about an Australian photographer who was in the news for photographing people under 18 years of age.Mr.Rudd was at the time Prime Minister of Australia and had made some strong comments in the media about Mr.Henson.

In writing Child Pornography my motivation was not so much about Bill Henson and his photos as it was about beauty, freedom and innocence. I am 44 yet I still so believe that the world can be a beautiful and pure place. When I heard of Mr. Rudd’s comments I felt a deep passion to open up discussion about what had transpired.

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AestheticsTony RyanComment
The Beholder Theory

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder is a phrase that has been often heard. Do we really understand the essence of this phrase?

I believe the true gift to any individual is the ability to see beauty in someone or something. It is this ability that we truly own, not the object we are viewing.

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Aesthetic Beauty

Last night I was having dinner with a girlfriend and as we left I noticed a strikingly beautiful young woman of about 18-20. Her face was truly captivating and I commented to my friend about how beautiful this girl's face was.

My friend is also very attractive but is in my eyes not as aesthetically attractive as the girl we saw on the street. Am I wrong to notice this and to write it on this site? Should my friend feel less of a person because of my observation?

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AestheticsTony RyanComment
The Gift - Sensitivity and Wisdom

I believe that emotional sensitivity is a true gift. Sensitive people I believe have a heightened ability to feel the emotions of other people and also have a heightened ability to project their feelings and emotions to others.

As such I see them as potential leaders in the community. Many sensitive people suffer with their gift. They feel weak and frustrated for their emotional roller coaster. Some experience depression and some even give up on life. These people seem to struggle with reality and can think of themselves as delusional or crazy.

I actually believe that sensitive people are perhaps on the verge of being the most real people in the world. I believe that our world is dominated by fear and false personalities. Most of us at some time pretend to be more confident or stronger than what we feel inside. We protect our emotional state by appearing to be happy and fear free.

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Tony RyanComment
Why Women - the reason behind the photos

Why have I chosen to photograph women on this site and not men? The first reason is that women are my passion. As a photographer I love photographing women whose aesthetic beauty I find to the most captivating of all God's creations.

I don't find the shape of mens bodies to be perfect in an artistic sense and further I am just not passionate about their looks, they do not inspire me to be creative.

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Anita’s Thoughts

These photos mean a great deal to me. Like most females, I have struggled with my appearance since I was about 13. However I was actually severely depressed for several years and admitted to hospital following a suicide attempt. No- one needs to hear about the pressure on girls to look good in society, it's pervasive in every aspect of our lives. Our insecurity is an excellent marketing tool, enabling the cosmetics industry and plastic surgeons to make millions from us every year.

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