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Appearances and Mental Health

I think that we live in a society that puts far more energy and effort into appearances than truth. That most of us are insecure within ourselves but are not open to accepting this. As such we put up fronts to protect our inner state of being.

 However to my mind this is just manifesting a deeper and more dangerous level of insecurity. It is much about loving appearances rather than loving people and ourselves. The more we do this the more we are manifesting an intimidating and competitive world.

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Anita’s Thoughts

These photos mean a great deal to me. Like most females, I have struggled with my appearance since I was about 13. However I was actually severely depressed for several years and admitted to hospital following a suicide attempt. No- one needs to hear about the pressure on girls to look good in society, it's pervasive in every aspect of our lives. Our insecurity is an excellent marketing tool, enabling the cosmetics industry and plastic surgeons to make millions from us every year.

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