Anita’s Thoughts

These photos mean a great deal to me. Like most females, I have struggled with my appearance since I was about 13. However I was actually severely depressed for several years and admitted to hospital following a suicide attempt. No- one needs to hear about the pressure on girls to look good in society, it's pervasive in every aspect of our lives. Our insecurity is an excellent marketing tool, enabling the cosmetics industry and plastic surgeons to make millions from us every year.

Many people have commented on how lucky I am to have naturally large breasts. However, I have often regarded them as more of a curse than a blessing because people judge me on them, and because I find it extremely difficult to find clothes that look good. I am often jealous of girls with smaller breasts. I guess my point is that many of us are always judging each other and are jealous of each other's assets. My biggest wish for these shots is that people will enjoy them without picking them apart. If only we could enjoy each other's beauty without considering it a threat!

I also wish to stress that these photos are just some people's idea of beauty. What we see as beautiful is culturally conditioned, and could easily be considered ugly in another culture. Furthermore, I am not what is considered beautiful in the fashion world by any means. However, I hope viewers will appreciate these pictures!

Anita Nov 3, 2004.