The Gift - Sensitivity and Wisdom

I believe that emotional sensitivity is a true gift. Sensitive people I believe have a heightened ability to feel the emotions of other people and also have a heightened ability to project their feelings and emotions to others.

As such I see them as potential leaders in the community. Many sensitive people suffer with their gift. They feel weak and frustrated for their emotional roller coaster. Some experience depression and some even give up on life. These people seem to struggle with reality and can think of themselves as delusional or crazy.

I actually believe that sensitive people are perhaps on the verge of being the most real people in the world. I believe that our world is dominated by fear and false personalities. Most of us at some time pretend to be more confident or stronger than what we feel inside. We protect our emotional state by appearing to be happy and fear free.

For people who are not gifted with the ability of high sensitivity this charade of personality fronts is not too hard to handle. These people deal with the actions and words of others calmly and as such are seen as rational. However people who feel the level of emotion under the surface of people's personalities feel a different world.

Sensitive people feel emotions that on the surface don't seem real. If the emotions they are sensing are very strong and very at odds with what they are seeing or hearing then this experience can be very difficult to deal with.They very often take on the emotion of the people they meet and without awareness of their gift can become very reactive to the energy of the people in their lives.

They become a catchment area for the emotions of others and as such find it harder than most to be stable. To know who they really are. In this state of mind they then project emotions back to people at a very strong degree. The emotions they are sending back are more often than not erratic and damaging. This just keeps pushing them further and further into insecurity. In this case the proposed leaders of the community can become the most destructive people in the world.

However once sensitive people believe that their sensitivity is a gift everything changes. No longer do they feel victimised by fate and people. Suddenly they find reasons for their range of emotion. I believe that sensitive people have been given the tools to attain the wisdom of the universe. They have the ability to feel the emotional energy of everyone they meet.

The most dynamic source of wisdom is the emotional fear that they take in from others. To me fear is mostly experiences that we have not understood and have stored unexplained. We all have it and at various levels. I believe that fear is just wisdom waiting to be discovered. Sensitive people have access to all of this fear and all they have to do is realise that through analysing their own emotions they can rationalise this fear and materialise it as pure wisdom.

Once the sensitive person has rationalised the emotions they collect from people they can start to lead, teach and heal the people in their lives. No longer will they feel weak and dis empowered. Now they will welcome their emotions and trust that their emotions are delivering them wisdom and knowledge. This knowledge is unique and original as it has come from the confusion of people that has been accumulated over their lives. The sensitive people can be the accumulators of wisdom and bring it forth for everyone to understand and learn from.

On an individual level once the sensitive person is aware of his gift he can feel emotions and not react. He can use it as an amazing tool to help others. Instead of losing self esteem he can search his emotion to find his own truth and also the truth of the other person. To help make them aware of their own stored emotions. To help them to search their own personality shield, wall or act.

On a world level many of us search for material happiness and are not truly happy in our souls. However many of us don't recognise our own sorrow or are too scared to search our own souls for a more fulfilling life and world. Once we value sensitivity and truly search our fears we will discover our Nirvana. However we have to do this without competitiveness. We have to decide to trust each other and our emotions and search these emotions for the truth.

Tony RyanComment