Why Women - the reason behind the photos

Why have I chosen to photograph women on this site and not men? The first reason is that women are my passion. As a photographer I love photographing women whose aesthetic beauty I find to the most captivating of all God's creations.

I don't find the shape of mens bodies to be perfect in an artistic sense and further I am just not passionate about their looks, they do not inspire me to be creative.

The second major reason is that I believe that the aesthetics of women are the most abused and misunderstood aspect of society. I believe that in general both sexes are dis empowered by the aesthetic beauty of the female form. Many men lust after it, women who don't feel they have it become jealous and women who have it feel that it is all they have of value.

I also believe that this dis empowering aspect of the aesthetics is highly detrimental to the mental and physical health of us all. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could just appreciate everyone's beauty without feeling short changed for not possessing this beauty. Shouldn't we just appreciate the beauty in others and feel all the better for the appreciation?

I would love to live in a world where we all felt gifted by life rather than victimised every time we notice someone with an ability or gift that we don't have. In this frame of mind we would all strive to follow our own passion, to find our own special gift. In this world we would have a compassion that would assist any who have not found their gifts and are suffering in denial.

The appreciation of aesthetics in any form is attributable to personal taste. The bodies and faces displayed on this website are my ideas of aesthetic beauty. All I wish is that you will all look at these shots without judgement. By all means observe and make your own opinion but please if you see and feel beauty just accept it for what it is. Please just enjoy the feeling this appreciation will bring with it.

On a recent shoot  with Corrie I came to a simple observation. I was sitting on the beach with Corrie's sister when Corrie disrobed for the first time. As I looked at Corrie I took in the absolute beauty of the curves of her back and buttocks. I saw total beauty and had no need or want to possess Corrie and turned to her sister and commented on how beautiful Corrie looked. I also in that moment realised that if we had never been aware to the opinions of society with regards to nudity that we would all be free to just adore the beauty of a nude body. I believe it is only the culture of our particular environment that has us wanting to possess or judge nudity.

I also strongly reject the view that the appreciation of the beauty of female aesthetics is in any way shallow. In fact I believe it is the opposite. Anyone who truly appreciates a nude female for beauty is very deep. They are seeing through the guilt and false adoration that society has built up and are being true to their souls in their appreciation.

Further just because a person appreciates beauty in another's aesthetics this doesn't mean that he or she is not also appreciative of others souls. I have a soul mate and I do love her for her soul and I can also see and appreciate the beauty of her aesthetics. However this doesn't mean that I will or should cease to appreciate the aesthetic beauty of other women. I believe this is healthy and true.

I wouldn't want to possess another women but I would want to continue to appreciate beauty whenever it is presented to me. I may see other women who may or may not be as aesthetically beautiful as my soul mate but this should not be a factor in wanting to possess another woman.

I also believe that this is relevant to women who are jealous of other women who they perceive to be better looking than they themselves appear in their own minds. I believe that a woman should connect to her own soul and love herself for who she is. In this way she should be able to appreciate the aesthetic beauty in another women but not need to possess a look similar to the other woman or feel less as a person for not having a similar look.

This also relates to another topic that I feel strongly connected to. In the modelling industry I have met many women and many men for that matter who try to possess a desired aesthetic. These people to my mind are disconnected to their own souls and as such want what they believe they don't have.
We all I believe want love but we become confused with what love is. To me love is being happy with who we are and in this state of mind being able to appreciate beauty everywhere. To appreciate it but not to need to own or possess it as we already have our own inner beauty.

Many of the models I have met desire modelling work for the status that it will bring them rather than for the passion. I believe that modelling is a worthwhile pursuit so long as the prime motivation is the passion and enjoyment of the craft. When it is sought from insecurity it can become a dangerous pursuit.

Many models self esteem is related to how much work they get and how many compliments they receive. Their mind's reality is based upon the opinions of others and not upon the knowings of their souls. It is in this state of mind that some models turn to steroids and/or cosmetic surgery to achieve an aesthetic look that they believe will please others. That will hopefully entice other people to give them attention and what I see as a false love.

I am not adamant against cosmetic surgery as I am sure that it has a place in some instances. However I believe that any decision to undertake surgery should be made from peace not desperation and turmoil. I believe that we should only seek things that we appreciate for their beauty and not things that we are dependant upon or feel we need.

So in general my belief is that a woman's aesthetics is the most beautiful physical beauty in my world. I also believe that in many societies this aesthetic is used as a tool rather than appreciated as a pure beauty. This has created an unhealthy need in society to attain a certain look. As such confusion and denial abounds around this aspect of humanity. I believe that we will only all be happy when we are living our own individual passions. Happiness is not related to just aesthetics or financial wealth. It is individual to us all and we should be careful in choosing from our soul and not from the peer pressures of our culture.

Culture may have created this state of being but like everything culture needs to evolve. Hiding womens aesthetics is not the answer. Let's go deep into our souls and change our culture. Lets appreciate beauty in all it's forms and create a world that we all are happy living in.